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Where To Watch Grêmio And How To Bet

The age of the Internet has ensured amongst other things, the ability to tap in to an event and broadcast it to the rest of the world. We wanted to go a step further however and collate a recommendation on how you can watch Grêmio. Chances are, you can also use the list below to watch other Brazilian matches. Can’t get enough? Neither can we!


The Brazilian TV Channel broadcasts all Grêmio matches. They offer the best coverage when it comes to Brazilian football as well as other sports. You can watch online

This subscription platform allows you to choose from different plans, and customise your interface to streamline it to your favourite team. You can choose to receive up-to-date information, statistics and highlights.


Arguably one of the largest betting sites in the world, Bet365 offers many markets across various sports including South American football betting.

It is important to note that to use the bet365 live streaming service, your account must be logged into and funded or you instead placed a bet in the last 24 hours.


This platform is set to launch in over 200 countries later this year and can be an exciting addition to any punter’s go to viewing service. Sign up to their newsletter and keep informed on how and when you create an account.

The above options will work depending on your own location and should be researched before any subscription terms are accepted or paid for. Do you know of anymore streaming services or TV broadcasting services we can add to the list above? Contact us and we will review, confirm and update our list so that all Grêmio supporters and punters can continue to watch their team!