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Bring a bright line under the career of Ronaldinho will not work. Although looking at his career, such a finale would have been the most suitable. Maestro spent two years without a contract, because the announcement of the official retirement was not surprised. De facto, Ronnie tied up with football a long time ago. However, those few years that he was god on the football field, sat down with a wedge in the memory of everyone who saw his game. Ronaldinho was carrying football sickness around the world. He is incurably ill with this game, and in those years he infected with it millions of people who used to play football. And they loved him not only for feints and magic blows. Below are a few facts from the life of a magician who was a symbol of that football, which was not yet stuck with a head in commerce.

Ronaldinho always said that he started playing football following the example of his brother. Roberto Gauche admired the younger with his technique and speed. Sometimes he went out into the yard and asked his brother to count how many times he would be able to strike a ball with different parts of the body. The fun could go on for hours. Roberto’s career was broken by a terrible knee injury – he made his way to the Brazilian youth team, but could not play more at a high level. It is good that the family had a house donated by Gremio, which was favored by Roberto. When Ronaldinho knocked eight, his father died of a heart attack in the pool. Ron remembers him every day. “I would like my father to be alive and see who I became.

He told friends:“ Do you think that Roberto is the best football player in our family? Not. The best is he! ”- Dad showed me. And my father repeated: “One day he will be a world champion.”

23 goals in one match

At 13, Roni was first shown on TV. The curly boy glittered with a snow-white smile before the start of the futsal match. But the fun began later. The guy went on the field and began to simply mock peers. He threw the ball between his legs, threw over his head and rushed to score. Later, a note appeared in which it was told how one children’s team beat the other with a score of 23: 0. All goals scored by one player – Ronaldinho. “I wanted to be a player that the whole world knows. I fantasized about signing autographs, and cameras clicked me from all sides. Do you know what I liked most when I scored 23 goals in one game? I immediately became popular,”he admits later.

10 interesting facts from his life

  1. In 1993, at the age of 13, Ronaldinho was first mentioned in the Brazilian media when he scored all 23 goals in one of the matches against the local team. The game ended with a score of 23: 0 in favor of Belo Horizonte.
  2. The nickname, “Ronaldinho” which means “little Ronaldo,” became the youngest player in the youngest team, Gremio, where he came in childhood.
  3. According to the Brazilian himself, he acquired basic dribbling skills when playing football with his own dog.
  4. Having become the main player of the national team, Roni could not bear his name Ronaldo on the back, because he was already in the national team of Ronaldo, and had to use the nickname “Ronaldinho” given to him in childhood, which eventually became his “new name “.
  5. Ronaldinho becomes the hero of the cover of many computer games, among which are: Electronic Arts: FIFA Soccer 06, FIFA 07, on which he, along with Manchester United player, is Rooney. His person can be seen on the cover of the game FIFA 06: Road to the FIFA World Cup for the Xbox 360 game console.
  6. The Brazilian is often featured in commercials such as Nike, Pepsi, ASPIRE and Lenovo, as well as in many Brazilian brands.
  7. The Brazilian midfielder presented his own R10 clothing line-up to the world.
  8. In the fall of 2007, its transfer fee in Barcelona was about $ 107,000,000.
  9. Roberto, brother Ronaldinho, today is his agent. A sister, Daisy, works as a media relations coordinator.
  10. Favorite computer game – “Pro Evolution Soccer” on PS3.

Ronaldinho was once so passionate about football that he left school and instead played for school, for the beach and futsal team. And after that he rushed home, took the ball and played in the yard with the dog. “She was not very technical, but she was not tired,” Ron recalled. In Gremio became the most prominent figure, but received almost the least of all in the team. Nevertheless, a friend of Ronaldinho said that at a difficult time, a football player spent almost all of his savings on paying off the debts of his friend for the light. Going to PSG, winning the 2002 World Cup, being recognized as the best player in the Paris team, Roni quickly broke the barrier from a budding player to a mature master.